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In March, Jennifer Egan (A Visit From the Goon Squad) paid a visit to Google and was asked to sum up her year since winning the Pulitzer Prize in 2011. She said: “I am still not used to the idea that I won it. Maybe I will finally really grab hold of that idea when someone else wins it. I will say ‘No, I want it!’” Little did she know that just a few weeks later the Pulitzer Prize judges would decline to name a successor, leaving her in mental limbo for yet another year. She seems to be handling it pretty well — well enough to publish a new short story on The New Yorker’s Fiction twitter stream. Yes, you read that right, its Twitter stream.

Jennifer Egan, Pulitzer Prize-Winner, Tweets New Story with The New Yorker | Open Culture


  1. joshsternberg said: i think my wife and i are the only people who didn’t like egan’s book, at all. oh well.
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